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Amazing Villa with Protected West Facing Views

Hak Milik 5 Kamar tidur 5 Kamar Mandi 3800 m2 720 m2 Berperabot Kolam RenangGudang Kamar PembantuGarasi Pribadi
Pemandangan sawah
  • Not often we cross a unique Lot like this.
  • 38 ara of land split in 14 ara Freehold + 24 ara Leasehold.
  • Main house located on the 14 ara Freehold, with access.
  • 12 are extra garden, with staff area and 2 of the bedrooms.
  • 12 ara of protected views, facing to the West (Sunset).
  • Building shape with lots of potential, 720 square meter.
  • Located in a great residential neighborhood of Pererenan.
  • Close to the Beach and all the good restaurants of the area.

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